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Resources for Parents

Parent Workshops

Date: 05-05-2022 (09:30-11:00)

Topic: How to win your child heart

Venue: Zoom platform

Speaker: Miss Ku Hoi Yee

Content: When comes to relationship with your child, parents may make mistake without realizing it. Focusing on the child’s needs can enhance the relationship between parents and the child, the speaker will share some skills in the daily life for parent to develop a stronger bonding.


Date: 19/05/2022 (09:30-11:00)

Topic: Let your child accept failure

Venue: Zoom platform

Speaker: Ms. Siu Wai Yan and Ms. Cheng Yee Qing

Content: Children may encounter different kinds of setbacks in life and this talk allows parents to understand more about success and failure from different perspectives, they will learn to deal with failures and boost children’s resilience.

Family Activities
Parent Volunteers

Parents spend their spare time to help produce teaching materials and children storybooks, as well as assisting teachers for all kinds of activities such as outdoor play, Argyle Street Sports Days, and parent’s talk, etc. Parent’s involvement can enhance children with successful learning experiences and positive teaching environment.

Parent Teacher Activities

●The feeling of love is surrounding in this school. Whichever staff levels they are all connected by LOVE. To be an educator is not simple, you can’t be a teacher for long if we take it as an occupation without love, furthermore, children can learn the meaning of love from the act of teachers. Talking about our adulthood, we always rush here and there without taking a closer look of the surroundings, if we like a child holding a pure heart to observe things, the world will become more direct and simpler, people would be more caring for each other.

●Thanks for the school’s arrangement which let parents get to know the pedagogical approach adopted by the school. It gives us a chance to understand teachers’ dedication. Thanks principal and teachers for the considerable curriculum, and the compassion behind. It is grateful that children grow up with love. Parents are reassured that children learn joyfully at school.

●To have a chance taking part in the ‘teacher-parent collaboration teaching program was interesting, I could play and interact children, as well as create a fun atmosphere, all these were valuable experience to me. Thanks for the school arrangement!

●I have a deep understanding of the teacher's daily hard work. I really admire the teacher's magical instructions. As long as they clap hands, all children will listen to the instructions and become self-disciplined!

●I am so impressed by every single staff in the school such as principal, headteachers, teachers and caretakers, they are loving and caring to children, this makes children have a harmonic environment to learn. One thing impressed me most was one child didn’t want me leave by holding my feet after the ‘teacher-parent collaboration teaching program’, I could feel how much they like the program.

●Thanks for teacher’s arrangement, I appreciate your hard work looking after a group of parents. I am surprised to know children can learn so much during busy daily schedule.

●Thanks to the school and teachers for the arrangement. It allows me to understand the hard work and love needed to teach children, and also feel the joy during teaching participation. Through the interaction with children, I can see children's innocence and their eagerness and interest of learning. While enjoying the lunch prepared by the school, I also felt the love from the school which aiming at the healthy growth of the children. May God care for and protect the work done in the school, continue to teach the children with love, let them grow in love, become confident and caring people, and let the name of God be glorified.

●It is not easy to be an educator, the tasks involved are far to much, they are great people! I would like to express my thankfulness to principal, head teachers, teachers, caretakers. Because of you all, children can grow up in a healthy and lovely environment.

●It was pleasant to have such an opportunity for parents. I used to be afraid of children gathering around me. However, many children gave me cuddles with courtesy and love during the teaching. It allows me to know what the teachers teach is not only knowledge, but also about sharing of love.

●The school is full of love and the teachers are very patient, teachers give great deal of insights into children’s development at school. My daughter happily told me her school life. As a mother I am glad to hear all these, this is such a good experience.

●All parents were greeted by children even though we were stranger to them, credit to teachers for building this nice hospitality within them on daily basis.

●I see children have progressed a lot in this year, including initiative, eagerness of participating activities and engagement of learning. Special thanks to the teachers for their great work on children's spiritual work, and we are also happy to see the results! Wordless gratitude to the teachers for their dedication!

●Holy Trinity Centre Kindergarten and Day Nursey is a school that strives to offer various activities aiming to benefit children.